Automotive Peelable Primer spray -
Peel Coat

Peel Coat Peelable Primer


 Rust-Oleum® Peel Coat® Peelable Primer is the next revolution in temporary coatings by making any Rust-Oleum spray paint removable. It’s gasoline resistant, and puts you in total control with hundreds of unique colors, sheens and finishes to customize your vehicle. Spray Peelable Primer on a clean surface then top coat it with any Rust-Oleum spray paint from high gloss lacquers to pearl metallics to hammered finishes or whatever your style. 

    • Makes any Rust-Oleum spray paint removable
    • Simple to remove by peeling the film
    • Easy to apply on OEM painted surfaces, metal, plastic, glass and more
    • Safe to wash by hand or through an automatic car wash
    • Recommended removal within 6 months  

How to use

  • Wash vehicles thoroughly and ensure you’ve removed any wax, oil or grease from the surface.
  • Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying Peelable Primer.
  • Cover and mask off any areas that should not be painted with tape, plastic sheeting, etc.
  • Hold the can 8-12” from the surface and spray slowly and steadily in a back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke, until the entire area is covered.
  • Apply 3 or more coats, waiting 2-5 minutes between coats. A coat is defined as covering the entire area once. 
  • If Peelable Primer has dried for more than 20 minutes between coats, allow it to fully dry, peel off, and start over.
  • Allow Peelable Primer to dry for 4 hours before applying top coat with Rust-Oleum branded spray paint. 
  • Immediately after applying your final coat of Peelable Primer, begin removing tape and masking to ensure clean edges. 
  • Once the Peelable Primer coating has dried for at least 4 hours, you can top coat with any Rust-Olem spray paint. Thoroughly mask off the areas you do not want to paint. 
  • Follow label directions when using Rust-Oleum spray paint and refer to each label for appropriate dry times and instructions. Note: Do not use with water-based spray paints. 
  • To peel the coating off, slowly rub along one edge until it begins to peel back and work slowly from the edges. Peelable Primer and your top coat will remove as one film. 
  • For best results, remove Peelable Primer and its top coat within 6 months.