Cadence Vintage Legend Antique Gesso -

Cadence Vintage Legend Antique Gesso


VL 02-Ecru
VL 03-Oxide Yellow
VL 04-Orange
VL-05 Bordeaux
VL-06 Mould Green
VL-07-Leaf Green
VL 08-Fresco
VL 09-Gray
VL 10-Dark Slate Gray
VL 11-Mink
VL 12-Brown
VL 13-Black


Waterbased, specially formulated gesso paint with different sizes particles inside and colors to create crushed antique vintage surface. All kinds of Cadence acrylic paints can be used as first coat. For metal and glass surfaces, Cadence Hybrid is recommended as first layer. Apply Vintage Legend over the first coat.  For last layer over Vintage Legend, Very Chalky is recommended. Wait minimum 12 hours before scraping strongly. Cadence Home Decor Wax can be used for protection or colored waxes for depth. Non-toxic

Size: 150ML

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