Cadence Gesso White -

Cadence Gesso White



It is a Water based, highly pigmented surface primer.
Creates an absorbent and non-greasy surface with its creamy content.
It has high covering power.
It is matte and dries fast. It is applied with a brush 
It is elastic, does not crack and can be sanded easily.
Can be colored with acrylic.
It can be diluted with water. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
It does not contain any harmful substances.

size : 500ML


هو عبارة عن برايمر للاسطح شديد الصبغة  اساسة مائى 

يخلق سطحًا ماصًا وخاليًا من الزيوت بمحتواه الكريمي.

لديها قوة تغطية عالية.

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