Cadence Magnatic Paint -

Cadence Magnatic Paint



Water based matt paint that transforms any plain surface into a fun, creative magnetic receptive surface. High adhesion strength, quick drying , abrasion resistant , high performance, no color change, odorless paint. The application surface must be smooth, firm and free from dust. Should be mixed prior to use at least two minutes, can be applied using a roller or brush. For increasing the surface properties of the magnet should be administered several. Wait at least 30-40 minutes between coats. Water-based paint can be applied as a top coat. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE

SIZE : 120ML


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  •    ذو أساس مائي
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  • يمكن استعماله عن طريق الفرشاة أو البكرة
  •  لزيادة خصائص السطح المغنطيسية يجب استعماله عدة مرات 
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