Cadence Dora Textile Metallic Fabric Paints -

Cadence Dora Textile Metallic Fabric Paints


1124 Aragonit
1132 Silver
1133 Red
1135 Green
1140 PetroL
1144 Cyclamen
1145 Aqua
1147 Antıque Pınk
1150 Antıque Gold
1152 Pearl
1153 Mint
1154 Sax Blue
1156 Orange


Water based extremely bright & unique metallic fabric paint with dazzling sparkles. Fabric paint is a mixture of a pigment and a glue-like binder. Fabric is first of all washed and dried. Ironing is required in order to make a permanent bond to the fabric. 1 day after application, iron for 5 minutes for fixing. Shake well. No thinning. Intermixable colors. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic.


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