Aged Wood Accelerator Rustic Brown -

Aged Wood Accelerator Rustic Brown



Varathane® Aged Wood Accelerator creates an aged look on bare or untreated wood. It replicates the aging process that happens in nature by reacting with the tannins in the wood to create a unique, one-of-a-kind rustic brown. No need to find an old barn or old wood to get a reclaimed look.

  • One-of-a-kind rustic brown look
  • Reacts with the wood and imitates what happens in nature
  • Works on all types of bare or untreated wood
  • Final look will vary based on wood type
  • Low odor
  • Water-based for easy clean-up 

How to use

  • Remove any existing finishes with sandpaper or liquid stripper.
  • Stir or shake material thoroughly before and occasionally during use
  • Allow Aged Wood Accelerator to sit on the wood for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the final effect.
  • A topcoat should be applied for the best protection. Wait 2 hours for Aged Wood Accelerator to dry.


Resin Type

Alkyd emulsion

can size / weight



(15m 2 /l)

depending on wood type and porosity

Color test

rustic brown

Dry Time for handle

1 hour

Recommended coats

1-2 coats

fully dry Time

4 hours

clean up

Soap and Water

Shelf Life

3 years

Product Dimensions


Use Location


Country of Origin