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Watco Teak Oil




WATCO® Teak Oil is specifically formulated for dense woods such as teak, rosewood or mahogany. WATCO® Teak Oil penetrates deep into wood pores to create the rich, warm glow of a hand-rubbed finish. It takes less than an hour to treat your wood with WATCO® Teak Oil - simply brush or wipe on and wipe off. WATCO® Teak Oil is the choice of fine woodworkers and novices alike. Please read product labels for additional directions and precautions before using

  • Outstanding UV and moisture resistant finish.
  • Great for marine use above the water line.
  • Easy application and maintenance.
  • Use to treat outdoor or indoor furniture and marine surfaces (above the water line) such as wood boat decks, cabinets and rails.

How to use

    • Thoroughly shake, stir or invert can several times before and during use.
    • applying with brush, lint-free cloth, roller or spray,
    • Allow finish to dry minimum of 30 minutes before re-coating.
    • Wipe surface thoroughly with a clean lint free cloth to remove excess oil from the surface.
    • Allow finish to dry 8- 10 hours before light use.


Resin Type

Oil- Phenolic Rosin Ester

can size / weight

946ML Q

3.78L Gallon



Color test


Dry Time for handle

10 hours

Recommended coats


Time recoat

30 minutes

clean up

mineral spirits.

Shelf Life

3 years

Product Dimensions


Use Location

outdoor & indoor

Country of Origin