American Accents Stone Black Granite -

American Accents Stone Black Granite



Bring the look and feel of natural stone to any surface with Rust-Oleum® American Accents® Stone Spray. This unique formula’s textured, multi-toned finish will transform ordinary objects into beautiful stonework.

  • Indoor use only
  • wood, metal, ceramics, glass & more.
  • Authentic finish

How to use

  • Shake can for one minute
  • Hold can upright 25 - 40cm from surface
  • spray in a steady back-and forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.
  • Keep the can in motion while spraying
  • apply a basecoat primer of a color that blends well with the Stone finish
  • Apply 2 or more light coats wait 15 minutes between coats.
  • apply Rust-Oleum Matte Clear top coat for optimal durability after 4 hours.