Prima Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Aged Brass -
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Prima Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Aged Brass

LE 249.00
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Prima Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Aged Brass -

Prima Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Aged Brass

LE 249.00
Product description

High quality Silicone Moulds featuring great designs perfect for mixed media art, collage and more. Heat resistant and food safe.

Beautiful, metallic beeswax-based paste, which will turn your artwork into a real treasure, adding amazing, rich, metal-like finish to most popular surfaces and elements. Great for applying with fingers, sponges, or a soft cloth. Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to any mixed-media or home decor projects. Metallique Wax will provide a permanent finish cover, giving you great, color-saturated and shiny results on dark and light backgrounds.
Separation can occur and is natural! As with many products made with oils, some separation may occur for a variety of reasons this is not a defect. Simply mix the wax with a brush, or palette knife, to re-combine the ingredients. Once combined your wax is ready for use once again.
Permanent. Water-resistant.


معجون معدني جميل مصنوع من شمع العسل ، والذي سيحول عملك الفني إلى كنز حقيقي ، مما يضيف لمسة نهائية مذهلة وشبيهة بالمعادن  لمعظم الأسطح. رائع للتطبيق بالأصابع أو الإسفنج أو قطعة قماش ناعمة. مثالي لإضافة اللون واللمسات النهائية إلى أي سطح

يوفر المنتج تغطية نهائية مثالية مما يمنحك نتائج رائعة مشبعة بالألوان ولمسة نهائية لامعة على الخلفيات الداكنة والفاتحة 

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