Cadence Hybrid Acrylic MultiSurfaces Paint -

Cadence Hybrid Acrylic MultiSurfaces Paint


H-001 White
H-005 Taffy
H-006 Old Lace
H-009 Yellow
H-011 Light Orange
H-012 Orange
H-013 Amber
H-017 Chocolate
H-018 Dark Brown
H-020 New Mocca
H-023 Faded Pink
H-024 Baby Pink
H-025 Fuchsia
H-031 Light Lilac
H-033 İris
H-034 Purple
H-035 Baby Blue
H-036 Mild Blue
H-037 Royal Blue
H-038 Ultramarine Blue
H-039 Lagoon Blue
H-040 Delano
H-041 Turquoise
H-043 Light Green
H-044 Mint Green
H-046 Pistachio Green
H-051 Leaf Green
H-053 Crimson Red
H-054 Blood Red
H-055 Bordeaux
H-057 Slate Gray
H-058 Dark Slate Gray
H-060 Black
H-061 Clover Green
H-064 Plum
H-067 Naturel Wicker
H-068 Steam
H-073 Pale Clay Gray
H-079 Ivory Coast
H-081 Graffiti Gray
H-083 Soho
H-085 Sisal
H-086 Ash
H-087 Antique Bone
H-089 Mold Green
H-090 Dark Gray
H-092 Ocean
H-093 Firuze
H-095 Aegean
H-096 Coral


New generation waterbased craft paint with an advanced formula with excellent adhesion on all surfaces.
Can work on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramic, glass, paper, plastics, fabric with excellent coverage.
indoor & outdoor formula is moisture & rust resistant.
No need for primer or sealer.
Superior flow and leveling with durable hard finish.
Non toxic.

Size: 120ML

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