Cadence Your Fashion Spray Fabric Paints -

Cadence Your Fashion Spray Fabric Paints


1101 Lemon Yellow
1102 Sunshine
1103 Pink
1104 Fuchsia
1105 Orange
1106 Crimson
1107 Scarlet
1108 Bordeaux
1112 Grass Green
1113 Leaf Green
1115 Turkuoise
1117 Aubergie
1118 Brown
1119 Black
1120 Purple
1123 Petrolium


Water-based textile spray paint with a functional pump to create your own fashion. Odourless paint with vivid colors for light-coloured textiles with up to 20 % man-made fibres. Suitable for stencillling, masking, free-hand spraying and many other techniques. Spray first the light color than the dark color. Iron and wash from reverse at 40°C. Shake well. Non-toxic. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic.

Size: 100ML

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