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Watco Wax



WATCO® Satin Finishing Wax gives a hand-rubbed wax appearance without hours of labor. Apply to previously stained wood surfaces or bare wood. Watco® Satin Wax is a liquid solvent-based wax that leaves a rich, soft satin luster while providing an additional level of protection and water resistance to oil-finished or bare woods. Formulated for bare or oil-finished woods

  • Provides an extra level of protection
  • Wipe-on and buff off

How to use

  • Mix material thoroughly before application. Stir occasionally during use.
  • Apply a coat of Watco Satin Wax with a clean cloth.
  • Wait 10 minutes, wipe clean and dry. Polish with a soft cloth.


  • May be applied to stained wood after 72 hours.
  • Do not apply surface finishes such as polyurethane over wax.


Resin Type

Hydrocarbon Wax

can size / weight

946 Ml


Varies with type and porosity of wood.

Color test


Dry Time for handle

30 minutes

Recommended coats

1 coat

fully dry Time

72 hours

clean up

mineral spirits.

Shelf Life

3 years

Product Dimensions


Use Location


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